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In line single-acting flow control valves Type FT257/5


Their function is to control and, if necessary, to shut-off the flow in one direction, allowing a free return flow in the opposite direction. The spring in high-resistance material is housed in such a way that it does not close as a pack during the opening of the single-acting conical valve poppet. Like all the valves of the series FT 257 they ensure: metallic seal; flow linearity at the opening; accurate control for a wide range of flow rate, thanks to the double reference system; wide range of the flow rate control; impossibility for the needle to leave its seat even in the max. opening position; stable positioning thanks to a dowel inside the knob; quickness in the assembling of the panel (the ring nuts (G) are supplied on request). The check valve is calibrated at 0,5 bar. Maximum pressure working up to 400 bar. Available Stainless steel version type FT2257/5. Threaded connection 1/8" up to 2".

In line single-acting flow control valves Type FT257/5


  1. Materials: FT257-5 - Steel 9 S Mn Pb 23 - UNI 5105
  2.                  FT2257-5 - AISI316
  3. Opening pressure: 0.5 bar calibration
  4. Pressure: Operation 400 bar, Burst 1600 bar
  5. Temperature: -20 ... +100 ° C
  6. Connections: GAS 1/8 ", 1/4", 3/8 ", 1/2", 3/4 ", 1", 1 "1/4, 1" 1/2, 2 "
  7. Drive: Standard Knob, Optional handlewheel in ABS (mp)



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