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Medium pressure filter Type Pi360


The Pi 360 is a high-performance filter for medium pressures. Excellent for modern hydraulic systems. Compact design, minimal pressure drop thanks to optimal flow design. Visual / electrical / electronic maintenance check. In-line mounting, working pressure 210 bar. Versions up to 315 bar.

Suction filter Type Pi1710


  1. Design: line mounting filter
  2. Pressure: Operating 210 bar, Static test 275 bar
  3.                  Models Pi 3605, Pi 3608, Pi 3611 Operating 315 bar, Test 410 bar
  4. Temperature range: -10˚C … +120˚C (other ranges on request)
  5. Bypass opening pressure: =p 7 bar±10%
  6. Materials: Filter head GGG, bowlmaterial St, Seals NBR/ PTFE/ Cu
  7. Activating pressure of visual/electrical indicator: =p 5 bar±10%
  8. Electrical data of contamination indicator: Max. voltage: 230V~/=
  9.                                                                    Max. current 2,5A
  10.                                                                    Max. load: 60VA/40W
  11. Type of protection: IP 65 when inserted and secured
  12. Contact: bistable
  13. Cable connection: PG 11 Ø 6–10



When installing the filter make sure that sufficient space is available to remove filter element and filter housing. Preferably the filter should be installed with the filter housing pointing downwards. The maintenance indicator must be visible. 


1 . Filters equipped with visual and electrical maintenance indicator: During cold starts, the indicator may give a warning signal. Press the red button of the visual indicator once again only after operating temperature has been reached. If the red button immediately pops         up again and/or the electrical signal has not switched off after reaching operating temperature. The filter element must be replaced after the end of the shift.
2 . Filters without maintenance indicator: The filter element should be replaced after trial run or flushing of the  system. Afterwards follow instructions of the manufacturer.
3 . Please always ensure that you have original Filtration Group spare element. Disposable elements (PS) cannot be cleaned.


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