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Differential pressure switch type DBL


Adjustable differential pressure switch, 250 Volt, SPDT contact, electrical connection faston, IP54 electrical protection. Pipe process connections.



  1. Range: 0.3/4 - 0.5/5 - 0.2/3 - 2/10 - 5/25 mbar
  2. Contact: microswitch with SPDT contacts
  3. Switch capacity: 1.5 (0.4) A, 250 Vac
  4. Differential mBar: fixed
  5. Working temperature: -20...+85°C 10...90% r.h. (without condensing)
  6.                                    -40...+85 ºC < 90% r.h. (storage)
  7. Housing: PS
  8. Diaphragm: silicone (LSR)
  9. Protection: IP54
  10. Max size Ø 118 x h 57,5 mm
  11.  Weight: 180…210 g



Differential pressure for air or non aggressive and non inflammable gases control. Alarm activation at a pre-set value.
Well-suited in domestic, commercial and industrial strong polluted areas in air conditioning and ventilating systems for:

  • Filter monitoring
  • Correct fan operating control
  • Low pressure and overpressure monitoring
  • Deactivating of electrical heaters during air missing


The pressure switch must be installed preferably in a vertical position with electrical connection upwards. The pressure switch can be damaged in the presence of impacts and high vibrations creating false contacts. The pressure switches have no protection, can be protected with caps and connectors. The degree of protection can be IP 54 or IP65, depending on the type (IP 67 special versions). On request, special, already wired, pressure switches are manufactured, with body in acc. stainless steel, degreased for use with oxygen, gold contacts for low currents. Our technical office is available for the most suitable solution for your application. Particular attention to the external environment in which the pressure switches are installed. do not use the standard models in environments where there is a flammable atmosphere due to the presence of gas or other contaminations that could make the use dangerous. In these cases use the explosion-proof or protected versions. Our technical office is available to recommend the most suitable solution.


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