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Electromotive 2/2 way Diaphragm Valve Type 3323


These valve is the solution when it comes to on/off control in areas with media contact such as the food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biopharma industry. The electromotive actuator with ball screw shuts the valve quasi delay free with – for electromotive actuators – a unique high control speed within 1.5 to 4.5 seconds. If necessary, the safety position can be realised with optional energy pack in case of power failure. Pressure fluctuations or shocks in the medium are not transferred to the valve position. Furthermore, many helpful functions for process control, valve diagnostics and preventive maintenance are available. Besides the mechanical position indicator, a 360° LED illuminated ring displays the valve position and information about warnings and errors. Various communication standards up to cutting-edge fieldbus systems are available. Trusted valve bodies and diaphragms ensure media separation with minimum empty space and are easy to clean. Demanding environments are no problem for the Type 3323 with its high IP protection and high resistance to vibration and shocks. Hygienic design allows a fast and residue-free exterior cleaning. The actuator force can be exactly adjusted for the operating conditions to maximise the diaphragm life time.

Electromotive 2/2 way Diaphragm Valve Type 3323


  1. Port connection size: DN8…DN50 mm (¼"…2")
  2. Diaphragm size: 8…40 mm
  3. Body material: Stainless steel 316L or Plastic
  4. Port connections: Weld ends or Clamps
  5. Port connections: plastic True union (solvent), true union (weld),
  6.                              weld ends and solvent sockets
  7. Media: Neutral gases and liquids, high-purity, sterile, aggressive or
  8. abrasive fluids
  9. Power supply: 24 V DC ±10% (max. residual ripple 10%)
  10. Closure time: < 1.5 sec... to 4.5 sec... depending on diaphragm size
  11. Travel speed: 4 mm/s
  12. Duty cycle: 100%
  13. Protection class: IP65 / IP67
  14. Other characteristics see datasheet





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