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Generality - Principle - Applications


It is one of the most characteristic applications of accumulator use. Hydraulic accumulators are increasingly used as a safety element. Electricity may be missing at any time by interrupting the operation of a mechanism. The accumulators maintain the flow for a certain time and therefore protect expensive machines and systems.


Emergency stop


The accumulators are used for emergency control of brakes and doors in cable cars, chair lifts, trucks, etc. Accumulators are charged with a motor pump or, in an emergency, with a hand pump. In this way, the energy required to carry out the emergency stop is available at all times.
Many times the command takes place in negative, that is to say that braking occurs through springs; in this case the cylinders for opening the brake are controlled by the accumulator which keeps them open, counteracting the force of the spring.




The safety devices have the purpose of performing particular functions in the event of a fault. These functions can be: bulkhead closures, butterfly valves, exchange valves, drawer valves in tanks, silos or transport systems, the operation of sluice gates in foundries and ladles, the opening and closing of high-level switches potential. In all these cases the accumulator does not work during normal operation; it is filled with oil, the accumulated energy is maintained for an unlimited time and is immediately available upon request for use.


Machine tools


The lack of power during a work cycle of a machine tool or textile machine can cause interruptions to very expensive operations. Accumulators guarantee the completion of an already started work cycle in such cases, protect expensive tools from damage, reduce equipment replacement and minimize machine downtime.


Supply oil lubrication


Large machine bearings (turbines, large compressors, water pumps, etc.) must be constantly lubricated. In the event of a power failure, an auxiliary pump is immediately inserted and operated by an additional energy source (diesel engine). However, the start-up of this auxiliary pump creates a transient that interrupts the flow for a few seconds. The accumulators intervene during this time and ensure a constant lubrication pressure.


Hydrostatic support


During the operation of certain machines there are hydrostatic bearings that must always remain under pressure. If there is a lack in the current of the control unit, the necessary pressure is no longer guaranteed. The accumulators guaranteed by the minimum pressure during the stop of the power supply and thus avoid extremely expensive damages to the hydrostatic bearings.


The hydraulic accumulators is an essential component for the optimum operation of a hydrauliccircuit. In hydraulic circuits, theaccumulator enables:
Energy Storage: saves energy withoutloss and redistributes when required therefore reducing installed power.
Pressure compensation: absorbs pressure spikesfrom pumps or other components to control pressure and flow-rates in ahydraulic circuit.
VolumeControl: absorbs fluid volume variations induced by temperaturechanges in a closed hydraulic circuit and maintains a rated pressure.
MaintainsFluid Flow Rate: an accumulator can maintain the fluid flowrate in case of pump failure and can also be used as a mobile fluid reserveunder pressure.
Emergency EnergyStorage: in case of failure of the main energy source, an accumulator canprovide sufficient energy to complete an operation or to realize a fullhydraulic cycle.
Preventsmixing of fluids: Transfer of energy from a fluid to anotherfluid without any risk of mixing.
Shock absorber: suppresses shocks andvibrations in hydraulic systems of lifting vehicles (e.g. Forklift trucks) andmaintains real suspension of the load on a gas spring.



Comer/Parker Accumulator Service Center


From 2019 COMER is officially the Parker / olaer Accumulators service center. Comer has all the appropriate equipment and large spare parts warehouse to perform checks on the preloads, internal bag replacements and interventions in general on the whole range of accumulators in production both Parker and Olaer.



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