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Hydraulic accumulators - Pulsation damping and Anti noise


Modern machines are required to provide increasingly advanced performance in terms of power, cycle times and noise damping. This causes problems because a greater working speed is very often connected to shocks and vibrations, which in turn increase the noise level and decrease the life of the machines themselves. Below are some examples of accumulators used as anti-pulse systems.



Water hammering or overpressure cannot always be dampers at the point where they are generated. Very often it is not even possible to identify this point. Water hammer is immediately transmitted throughout the hydraulic system. The installation of an anti-pulsation accumulator, correctly sized and positioned, protects the pump and the other components from these water hammering.



In machines with very fast work cycles it is not always possible to operate the valves in "soft" mode. Accumulators sized for
applications such as pulsation absorb the resulting shocks.



The pulsations generated by the use of volumetric pumps
generate noise and vibrations that can increase the stresses on the
constructive organs. Feeding servovalves with said pulsations can cause
undesired oscillations and breakages.


The hydraulic accumulators is an essential component for the optimum operation of a hydrauliccircuit. In hydraulic circuits, theaccumulator enables:
Energy Storage: saves energy withoutloss and redistributes when required therefore reducing installed power.
Pressure compensation: absorbs pressure spikesfrom pumps or other components to control pressure and flow-rates in ahydraulic circuit.
VolumeControl: absorbs fluid volume variations induced by temperaturechanges in a closed hydraulic circuit and maintains a rated pressure.
MaintainsFluid Flow Rate: an accumulator can maintain the fluid flowrate in case of pump failure and can also be used as a mobile fluid reserveunder pressure.
Emergency EnergyStorage: in case of failure of the main energy source, an accumulator canprovide sufficient energy to complete an operation or to realize a fullhydraulic cycle.
Preventsmixing of fluids: Transfer of energy from a fluid to anotherfluid without any risk of mixing.
Shock absorber: suppresses shocks andvibrations in hydraulic systems of lifting vehicles (e.g. Forklift trucks) andmaintains real suspension of the load on a gas spring.



Comer/Parker Accumulator Service Center


From 2019 COMER is officially the Parker / olaer Accumulators service center. Comer has all the appropriate equipment and large spare parts warehouse to perform checks on the preloads, internal bag replacements and interventions in general on the whole range of accumulators in production both Parker and Olaer.



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