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Continuous level sensor Type LINEAR


The principle of operation is of potentiometric type, based on the gradual shutdown of a chain of resistors and reed contacts, placed inside the guiding rod, by a magnetic float. The only moving element is the float that moves, for buoyancy, along the measuring rod. This ensures a high degree of reliability. Construction Brass or Stainless Steel. Length up to 6 meters. On request ATEX execution.

Continuous level sensor Type LINEAR


  1. Construction: Brass / Spansil version
  2.                         Stainless Steel AISI-316L
  3. Measuring resolution 5 – 10 – 20 mm
  4. Potentiometric signal output (LC)
  5. 4-20mA analog output (LCT)
  6. 0-5 / 0-10V analog output (LCTV)
  7. (0)4-20mA analog output with digital display (LCO)
  8. Up to 6m length
  9. Maximum working pressure 50 Bar
  10. Operating ambient temperature -30/+55°C UR 90%
  11. Standard working temperature up to 105°C
  12. Executions up to 150°C on request
  13. Minimum degree of protection IP65
  14. Built-in temperature sensors, on request.
  15. PT – PTC – NTC
  16. ATEX constructions (See Linear ATEX E – Linear ATEX I series)  



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