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Bourdon stainless steel pressure gauge Type MX-MXG


MX series dry pressure gauges. Made entirely of stainless steel, they are particularly resistant to harsh operating and environmental conditions. They are used in the chemical and petrochemical, canning, food and pharmaceutical industries. MXG series liquid filled gauges. Same instrument as the MX series but filled with liquid to reduce the stresses caused by system vibrations, pulsating pressures or water hammering. Standard stairs from -1 to 1600 bar. Radial or rear connections. direct or with bracket.

Bourdon stainless steel pressure gauge Type MX-MXG


  1. MX Dry stainless steel pressure gauge
  2. MXG Stainless steel liquid filled manometer
  3. Type MX - DN: 63; 80; 100; 150; 200; 250 mm
  4. Type MXG - DN: 63; 80; 100; 150 mm
  5. Vacuum gauge range from -1 to 24 bar
  6. Pressure gauge range from 0 to 1600 bar
  7. Direct mounting (bottom / back)
  8. Wall mounting
  9. Panel mounting 3 holes flange or "U" clamp
  10. Options:
  11.              ATEX execution
  12.              Electric contacts (DN 100-150)
  13.              Pressure seals
  14.              Cocks / Valves / Dampeners


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