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Test pressure gauge Type MP


They are used to calibrate and test industrial gauges or for precision measuremets in the laboratory; they can be used for both liquid and gaseous fluids, except for those having a high viscosity or prone to crystallisation. Each gauges is supplied with a calibration certificate issued by our lab, indicating the global error of the gauge and the references to the primary gauge use for the calibration. Nominal diameters (DN) 100, 150, 200, 250 mm. Accuracy class 0.25 (0.6 for Ø 100 and for scales from 60 to 400 mbar) according to EN 837-1.

Test pressure gauge Type MP


  1. Test pressure gauge type MP
  2. Accuracy class 0.25 according to EN 837-1.
  3.                          (0.6 for Ø 100 and for scales from 60 to 400 mbar)
  4. DN 100; 150; 200; 250 mm
  5. Range from -1 to 1000 bar
  6. Local Assembly (radial / rear)
  7. Recessed wall with 3-hole flange or bracket
  8. Options
  9.             Special scale: Single,doubled, quadruple
  10.             Class Of Precision 0,6
  11.             Liquid Filling (class Of Precision 0,6) (ds 100 And 150).
  12.             Flange Pressure Connection Ø40mm With Clamping Lugs (max 60 Bar).
  13.             Case
  14.             Calibration Certificate Issued By Accredia Lat
  15.             Atex Execution


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