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Screw pumps 80 bar Type SMT


Three-screw pumps for industrial use at low / medium pressure up to 80 bar. SMT pumps represent a reliable and silent component for many industrial applications where long life and a very regular flow are required. The SMT is a priming pump. The design of the screws and the body of the pump are designed to avoid any axial load. The quality and design of the screws guarantee a very low level of acoustic emissions and pulsations. The geometric design of the three screws creates seal chambers. During the rotation of the screws, the main one creates a sort of cavity that holds the fluid and guides it in an axial direction from the entrance to the exit door. SMT pumps can be equipped with internal or external safety safety valves.

Screw pumps 80 bar Type SMT
Screw pumps 80 bar Type SMT


  1. Installation: any SMT, submerged SMIT
  2. Flow rates: 4 ... 1,220 L / min
  3. Pressure: Delivery up to 80 bar, Suction Min -0.7 bar max 3 bar
  4. Viscosity: standard 2 ... 10,000 cSt
  5. Acoustic Emissions: 52 ... 68 db (A) at 2,950 rpm (ISO 4412 test)
  6. Ambient temperature: -50 ... + 60 ° C, oil -50 ... 300 ° C
  7. Filtration: Recommended ß 25 ≥75
  8. Contamination: NAS type 1638 class 10 or ISO DIS 4406 - 19/16
  9. For complete specifications, consult the PDF data sheet


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