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Capacitive low pressure transmitter type 41X/41Xei


The Series 41 X combines the ceramic measuring cell for low pressure fields with the µP electronics of the Series 30 digital transmitter. Ranges up to 1500 mbar. outputs 4… 20 mA 0… 10 V. It is possible to display the values ​​and store them on a PC via an RS485 interface; it is also possible to carry out a programming. The transmitters are calibrated on the basic measuring range. The PROG30 software allows you to program the analogue output signal in each field section included in the base measurement range. This pressure transmitter is also available in an intrinsically safe version (Series 41 X Ei). It is used in areas subject to explosion, where categories 1 and 2 are required.

Capacitive low pressure transmitter type 41X/41Xei
Capacitive low pressure transmitter type 41X/41Xei


  1. Series 41X low pressure transmitter
  2. EEx ia IIC T4 Series 41XEi Version
  3. PD41X Series Differential Version
  4. Range 0/30 mbar, 0/100 mbar, 0/300 mbar (rel./diff.)
  5.              programmable bandwidth via software
  6. Outputs 4 ... 20 mA (2 wires)
  7.              0 ... 10 V (3 wires)
  8. Error (10 ... 50 ° C) - 0.1% FS typ. / 0.2% FS max
  9. Operating temperature -20 ... 80 ° C
  10. G1 / 4 "process connection



Read the data sheet for the standard options available for materials and process connections.
Other possible executions based on customer requests for quantities.


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