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Differential pressure transmitter type PD39X


Differential pressure transmitters. Transmitter equipped with two sensors that with a differential pressure greater than 5% compared to the maximum standard pressure range offers greater advantages than conventional methods of measuring differential pressure. The PD-39X Series does not directly measure the differential pressure - it uses two absolute pressure sensors to measure the measurement indirectly. In addition to reducing costs, this differential pressure transmitter is also more robust in relation to unbalanced (unilateral) overload. The differential pressure range should be at least 5% of the standard pressure range. Each side of the pressure has two fitting connections, so that the PD-39 X can be used easily in the pressure lines.

Differential pressure transmitter type PD39X
Differential pressure transmitter type PD39X


  1. Differential pressure transmitter
  2. Range up to 300 bar (intermediate fields available)
  3. Maintenance / operating temperature -40… 100 ° Standard compensated field -10… 80 ° C
  4. Error band (1) (2) ≤ 0.05% FS standard ≤ 0.1% FS max.
  5. Resolution (2) ≤ 0.002% FS
  6. Standard long-term stability (2) 0.1%
  7. 4… 20 mA outputs, 2 wires
  8.            0 ... 10 V, 3 wires
  9. Power supply (U) 8 ... 28 Vdc
  10.                               13 ... 28 Vcc
  11. PD39Xei version for intrinsically safe applications



Read the data sheet for the standard options available for materials and process connections.
Other possible executions based on customer requests for quantities.


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