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Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters type 33X/35X


Stable and floating piezoresistive transducers, based on the recently developed XEMICS microprocessor with integrated 16 bit A / D converter. The high accuracy of 0.01% FS is available as an option (the standard 33 X Series has an accuracy of 0.05% FS). Pressure ranges up to 1000 bar. Analog signal outputs 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V. Output frequency is 400 Hz. Temperature dependencies and sensor non-linearities are mathematically compensated. These series of transmitters connected to a PC can be configured using the READ30 software. This also allows you to record pressure signals and display them as a graph on the PC. Up to 128 transmitters can be connected together in a Bus system.

Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters type 33X/35X
Highly Precise Pressure Transmitters type 33X/35X


  1. High precision pressure transmitter up 0.01% FS
  2. Range from 0.8 to 1000 bar (see scales in the catalog)
  3. Operating temperature -40 ... 120 ° C
  4. RS 485 Digital Outputs
  5.             4 ... 20 mA (2 wires)
  6.             0 ... 20 mA (3 wires)
  7.             0 ... 10 V (3 wires)
  8. Programmable via free downloadable software
  9. Male or female threaded connections, flush diaphragm


Read the data sheet for the standard options available for materials and process connections.
Other possible executions based on customer requests for quantities.


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