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Heather exchanger air/oil with hydraulic motor type LHC


LHC series air oil heat exchanger with hydraulic motor. Suitable for industrial and mobile applications, in a range with cooling capacity from 1 kW to 300 kW. Hydraulic motor with displacement from 8.4 cm3 / r to 25.2 cm3 / r. Intelligent design the right choice of materials and components produce a long service life, high efficiency and low maintenance costs. Easy to maintain and easily interchangeable in many applications. Bearing on the fan in larger motors to ensure longer life. Radiant pack with low pressure drop and high cooling capacity.

Heather exchanger air/oil with hydraulic motor type LHC
Heather exchanger air/oil with hydraulic motor type LHC


  1. LHC: Mobile and Industrial applications
  2. LHCX: ATEX special version, Explosions applications
  3. LHC-M: Versions to with stand marine environments
  4. Maximum static working pressure 21 bar
  5. Dynamic working pressure 14 bar
  6. Maximum oil inlet temperature 120 ° C
  7. Compatible fluids: Mineral oils
  8.                              Water / oil emulsions
  9.                              Water / glycol
  10.                              Foreign-phosphates
  11. Engines: Standard displacement from 8.4 to 25.2 cmq



integrated bypass valve for pressure control Thermostat
Lifting eye
Built-in temperature control by-pass valve
External 3-way temperature control valves
Anti-stone and dust protection


Each device is guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for 12 months.
No guarantee against corrosion, excessive vibrations, water hammer, scale and incorrect assembly.


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