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Electric heaters type HRE-HRX-HRT


Electric heaters, elements consisting of iron resistance and brass body to heat oil with a maximum viscosity ISO VG 68, to be inserted directly into the tank. In-line HRX configuration, consisting of an HRE heating element inserted in a body with greater thermal efficiency and without the possibility of overheating. Immersion HRT configuration, the heating element is inserted in an easy-to-mount flange body with a flat gasket directly to the tank. Wide range of versions with one and more removable and replaceable resistances.

Electric heaters type HRE-HRX-HRT
Electric heaters type HRE-HRX-HRT


  1. HRE - Iron resistance, direct insertion in the tank
  2.             Wattage power from 315 to 6000
  3.             Maximum pressure 10 bar
  4.             IP54 protection
  5. HRX - Insertion resistance in the threaded connections tank
  6.             Wattage power from 1300 to 24000
  7.             Maximum pressure 10 bar
  8.             IP54 protection
  9. HRT - Insertion resistance in the tank with flat flange
  10.             Wattage power from 1300 to 24000
  11.             Maximum pressure 10 bar
  12.             IP54 protection


Each device is guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for 12 months.
No guarantee against corrosion, excessive vibrations, water hammer, scale and incorrect assembly.


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