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Fixed tube bundle heat exchangers type ST


Extremely versatile compact and highly efficient exchanger. Great efficiency and versatility. Uses of small and medium potential, with oil flow rates up to 200 l / min. Beam with integral finning body in light alloy with lids of the same material or reinforced resin.

Fixed tube bundle heat exchangers type ST
Heat exchangers type ST


  1. Light alloy heat exchanger, Touble boundle.
  2. Small and medium cooling capacity, oil flow up to 200 lt/min
  3. Construction: Touble boundle integrally finned
  4.                       Shell extruded light alloy tube
  5.                       Cover plastic material with glass fiber renforced
  6. Design temperature: 99 °C
  7. Design pressure: 10 bar G (test pressure 13 bar G)



A correct technical choice and adequate flow rates of the fluids are primary conditions for the "long life" of the exchanger. For the ST 80 series, only periodic water side cleaning is required. This is easily done without having to depressurize the mantle (oil) side only by removing the covers. The use of straight tubes with integral finning means that there are fewer robust tubes, of greater diameter, than traditional heat exchangers, thus making it much easier to clean the inner tubes (water side) even using simple brushes. It is recommended to pay attention when positioning the gaskets when reassembling the covers and at the right orientation of the same. See sheet "USE AND MAINTENANCE".


Each device is guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for 12 months. No guarantee against corrosion, excessive vibrations, water hammer, scale and incorrect assembly.


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