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 Water/Oil heat exchanger brazed plates type PWO


Compact and light brazed plate water / oil heat exchanger. High cooling capacity in relation to size. AISI construction with brazed plates in pure Copper. Industrial, Mobile and Marine Applications. The presence of a PWO water oil heat exchanger in the system ensures that the fluid inside the system remains at the correct temperature during operation, providing maximum performance and reliability. The cooling elements of the Parker PWO water oil heat exchanger are composed of corrugated panels inserted between the front and rear ends. The plates are compressed and brazed in vacuum in a single automated procedure, with strict quality control standards.

 Water/Oil heat exchanger brazed plates type PWO
Water/Oil heat exchanger brazed plates type PWO


  1. PWO: Brazed plate heat exchangerIndustrial, Mobile and Marine Applications
  2. Nominal flow rate From 40 to 1600 lt / min
  3. Maximum cooling capacity from 5 to 510 Kw
  4. Maximum nominal temperature 225 ° C
  5. Work Pressure @ 155 ° C - 31 bar (Test 50 bar)
  6. Building materials AISI 316, copper and titanium
  7. Light and compact construction
  8. Easy installation, high cost / benefit ratio


Each device is guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for 12 months.
No guarantee against corrosion, excessive vibrations, water hammer, scale and incorrect assembly.


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