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High pressure piston accumulator type EHP


The EHP piston accumulators are made of stainless steel and carbon. They are available in a wide variety of hole sizes according to PED 2014/68 / EU. Suitable for industrial, marine, Oil & Gas and energy applications (250 and 350 bar / hole up to 540 mm according to the standard). A more customized range of EHP piston accumulators is available for higher pressures from 250 bar to 3,000 bar and for any volume capacity up to 1,350 liters.

  1. High pressure idraulic piston accumulators 250/350 bar
  2. Carbon Steel Body (Stainless Steel Body available)
  3. Aluminum piston
  4. Construction, bored and
  5. ground pipe
  6. Removable gas valve
  7. Standard
  8. Piston speed up to 8 m/s
  9. Temperatures from -20 to 150 ° C
  10. Standard version for mineral oil. others
  11. on request
  12. CE Approval (other available)



For these type of accumulators it's possible to mounting in every positions. It is important to leave a free space of approx. 200 mm around the nitrogen loading valve for mounting the VGU Verifier / Inflator. For a correct fixing it is advisable to use collars with rubber inserts. see the Collars and Shelves page. It is advisable to check the nitrogen precharge with the appropriate instrument (VGU) every 6 months. The control must be done with the machine or plant stopped and at room temperature. In the case in which the value of the preload has dropped below 10% of the initial value, it is necessary to intervene to restore it. If the preload is close to zero or zero, it is very likely that the piston gaskets will be damaged or broken. Contact us for suggestions on how to proceed or agree to send the accumulator to us where, after a check, we will send an estimate to restore the damaged piston gaskets it with a new one. For easy maintenance, it is advisable to provide for the possibility of isolating the accumulator from the hydraulic circuit by means of special systems and valves such as the DI series safety blocks.



From 2019 COMER is officially the Parker/Olaer Accumulators
service center. Comer has all the appropriate equipment and large spare parts
warehouse to perform checks on the preloads, internal bag replacements and
interventions in general on the whole range of accumulators in production both
Parker and Olaer.



For requests for information, quotes
and customized solutions