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Low pressure membrane accumulator type ELM


The hydraulic accumulators of the ELM series are accumulators of simple construction for secondary applications. Available in different volumes and maximum working pressures allow various possibilities of use and application. They consist of a welded steel body and a nitrogen loading screw. The inner membrane has a lower vulcanized metal plate for holding. Their simple construction does not allow the replacement of the membrane and therefore can not be repaired. The ELM series accumulators are supplied already to the pre-charge of nitrogen before shipment or can be preloaded by the customer through the VGU series verifier / inflator.



  1. Diaphragm Accumulator type ELM (non reparable)
  2. Pressure range 100/140/210/250/350 bar
  3. Volumes up to 3,5 lt
  4. Welded body in Carbon Steel
  5. NBR internal
  6. membrane
  7. Standard temperatures -10 ... +80 ° C
  8. Threaded process connections


The accumulators are supplied:

  • Preloaded with nitrogen at a storage
  • pressure of 90 bar.
  • Preloaded
  • with nitrogen at the pressure value corresponding to that calculated according
  • to the conditions of use.


During installation it is important to leave a space of approx. 200 mm free above the nitrogen loading valve to check the precharge through VGU. It is advisable to check the nitrogen precharge with every 6 months (VGU). The control must be done with the machine or plant stopped and at room temperature. In the case in which the value of the preload has dropped below 10% of the initial value, it is necessary to intervene to restore it. If the preload is close to zero or zero, the internal membrane is very likely to be damaged or broken. in these case therefore can not be repaired and must to be replaced with a new one. In order to easily replace the accumulator it is advisable to provide for the possibility of isolating the accumulator from the hydraulic circuit by means of special systems and valves such as the DI series safety blocks.



From 2019 COMER is officially the Parker/Olaer Accumulators
service center. Comer has all the appropriate equipment and large spare parts
warehouse to perform checks on the preloads, internal bag replacements and
interventions in general on the whole range of accumulators in production both
Parker and Olaer.



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