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Flowmeters Type V-VK


Flowmeters for medium and large flows "V-VK" series. Suitable for liquid and gaseous fluids. The instantaneous flow measurement can be read with excellent precision on the graduated scale, screen printed on the calibrated tube. Accuracy ± 5% ,. Maximum operating pressure 16 bar for metal structures and 8 bars for plastic structures. Process attacks online. Simplicity of installation, ease of maintenance.



  1. Applications: Medium and large flow rates
  2. Fluids: Liquid and gases
  3. Accuracy: ± 5% of f.s.
  4. Max working pressure: 16 bar metal versions, 8 bar plastic versions
  5. Max working temperature: 120 ° C for metal structures
  6. Tube: unbreakable non-toxic polycarbonate
  7. Float: AISI 316
  8. Seals: NBR - Viton


  • The models and flow rates in the flowmeters in the catalog always refer to use with water and air. With the use of air or gas in general, the flow rates are always referred to use at a temperature of 20 ° C and at atmospheric pressure. When the flow meters are installed inside a closed circuit, the pressures inside the instrument can be different from the atmospheric pressure. In this case, being compressible gases, the instruments must be calibrated and sized according to the process data. This is because otherwise the reading will be distorted.


This extremely simple type of tools does not require special measures. The assembly of the flowmeters have precise directions. In a vertical position with flow from bottom to top. In the flow meters equipped with a regulation tap, in addition to the instantaneous flow rate reading, it is possible to adjust the output flow.


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