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Paddle Flow switches UR1G


Compact paddle flow switches. They are components used in most industrial applications, for on / off control of gas and liquid flow rates. They can be mounted directly on the pipes being equipped with a T-fitting included. The electrical contact is separated from the mechanical part of the instrument and can be replaced without removing the flow switch from the hydraulic circuit. The calibration value can be adjusted from the outside even in working condition when the electrical contact is powered. The electrical connection is made by cable. Depending on the cable mounting direction, the Normally Open or Normally Closed electrical contact can be selected.



  1. Paddle type
  2. Liquids application only
  3. Interchangeable switch
  4. Adjustable ranges from 3 to 53 l/min. (1 Cst)
  5. Max pressure 25 bar
  6. Max temperature 110°C
  7. Materials: Brass or St. Steel
  8. From 3/8″ to 2″ Gas-F process connections
  9. N.O. or N.C. reed switch 250Vac – 1.5A – 50VA
  10. Protection class IP65
  11. No restrictions on mounting position


  • The models and flow rates in the flow switches in the catalog always refer to use at room temperature.


This extremely simple type of tools does not require special measures. The adjustment of the intervention threshold is made by loosening the Allen screw and sliding the electric head on the body. Once the desired intervention point is found, it will lock in that position by screwing the Allen screw again. The working of these flow switches is permitted in every position.


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